About Us

To harness the power of the internet to create synergy amongst like-minded Africans.

We aim to be a bridge to quality networking across the tech ecosystem in Africa, by helping the right people connect together and use this synergy to make an impact in Africa using technology.

Our Objectives


To empower young people through the provision of financial and non-financial support to technologically inspired initiatives that focus on advancement of education and employment skills development, security of women and children, alleviation of poverty, research and development activities, innovation and other such matters


To build a community of people who are constantly looking to provide solutions in their own little way to societal issues and challenges.


To be a platform that empowers and encourages innovation by providing access to mentorship, training, support group platforms and empowerment opportunities.


To be a platform known for promoting ethical members who are known for values such as exceptional leadership skills, integrity, kindness, patriotism and honesty.


To produce, encourage and connect a generation of Africans who are dedicated to using Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to produce home-grown solutions to problems peculiar to Africa.