Are You Looking To Make A Career Switch And Join  The Tech Industry ? You Should  Read This

Are You Looking To Make A Career Switch And Join The Tech Industry ? You Should Read This

The tech world is becoming more and more mainstream. Tech companies are at the forefront of innovation. The tech industry is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries in the future. With machine learning becoming more prevalent and companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook spending billions on research, those with a background in computer science are in high demand. It might not be 2017 but the future looks promising for tech-minded kids. The technology revolution is in full swing. Machine Learning has completely changed the way we think about AI, and startups are capitalizing on this door-holding initiative.

It’s true. A lot of people are drawn to the fast-paced environment of today’s technology world. The tech industry is constantly evolving, creating new jobs and companies, and disrupting the way we live our lives. It’s exciting and it pays well.

However, a lot of people are still very unclear on how to fit into this new world. So many questions plague newbies looking to understand this phase. 

How do I start? Do I need to code? Are there other career paths in tech I can explore asides coding? Who should I follow on social media and how many hours a day should I spend on Twitter? What blogs should I read? What are the best resources for finding mentors, collaborators, and co-founders? How can I make money from this? Should I quit my day job?

Tech Impact Club Africa had the opportunity to speak with Nneoma Nwamaghinna,  a veterinarian by discipline but a Data Analyst by career on how she ventured into this new career path. 

‘I was working in a small vet clinic as the attending vet doctor and yet while I was the attending vet, I was running the books, gathering the information, establishing a record system , information gathering etc. There was no system of record keeping or bookkeeping and I thought asked myself, what happens to all this information I’m gathering? There has to be some use for it beyond now’

Even though she was working in a small vet clinic, Nneoma realized that there was a huge information gathering problem. No one was keeping a record of what happened there, and it appeared that this information could be used in some way to benefit the clinic or other vet clinics.

While she still works as a Vet, Nneoma has gone on to take certification courses like SQL Fundamentals, Python 3 Tutorial Courses from SoloLearn, Data Analysis and Presentational Skills: the PWC Approach, Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau on Coursera. She also has undergone an internship with Hash Analytics. 

Pretty Intense right? But Nneoma does not feel quite ready for a full career switch yet. She continues to take every learning opportunity to hone her skills. While admitting that women in Tech may not have it as easy yet, she acknowledges that certain communities make the transition easier. She Code Africa specifically helped her adjust to the new world of Tech as a career path.

#MakeOverMonday, a challenge that Tableau Users participate in, is one way that Nneoma gets to participate in a community project weekly while also honing her skills and exposing her work to the scrutiny of experts globally who review and give constructive feedback.

From our conversation with Nneoma, here are our  takeaways 

  1. The switch does not have to be drastic. Take your time.
  2.  If you are looking to make that switch, take advantage of all the learning materials around you and on the internet
  3. Speak to people who already have made the switch, they can help you adjust.
  4. Be open to criticism and reviews. They make you better.
  5. Practice. Keep Practising. Don’t stop practising.