We Should All Be Into Tech

We Should All Be Into Tech

The universe of startups is expanding exponentially and there are more startups than at any point in history. The number of talented people who could become startup founders or engineers is exploding fast. The trend is clear. The tech industry is experiencing a renaissance, with millions of jobs opening up across the country and big companies like Apple announcing plans to hire hundreds of thousands of people in the next few years.

If you are still wondering why you should join the tech bandwagon, you are probably not alone. Here are a few reasons why that might be the career breakthrough you have been waiting for.

  1. Hiring Opportunities 

Big companies aside, literally every company is looking for talents with some tech expertise or experience and they are paying the big bucks. More and more business owners are hiring IT professionals for their companies because of the benefits they bring. You don’t have to be a designer or an engineer to benefit from modern software and hardware solutions. You just have to have a good understanding of how computers work… and want to find ways to use them!

  1. Increase Earning Potential 

Everyone should be into tech. Really. It’s where the economy is going, and it’s where jobs are being created. And the good news is that you don’t have to be a millionaire or a college student to get into tech. Just like with other forms of innovation , you need to get creative and think outside the box. The good news is tech jobs pay significantly higher than other jobs. Young people no longer have to work for decades to get financial security.

Small business owners who digitize their businesses and make it available online are creating more earning potential for themselves than those who cater to physical demands only. In the same vein, non-engineering graduates and operations focused talents who figure out how to get into the tech space ( HR/People Management, Marketing, Startup Lawyers, etc) have more opportunities to earn substantially more income than their peers who stick to the traditional system only.

  1. Maintaining  Relevance

If you’re looking for new opportunities or want to start a business of your own, tech skills are in demand across the globe and this is a huge deal. Having a variety of skills under your belt makes it easy for employers to see you as a potential asset.

The tech field offers a variety of career paths and many different job roles, it might take some work to figure out which jobs are best for you but once you’ve got an idea of where you want to go, it gets easier. Tech skills can open doors to new opportunities and make you more attractive to new clients, customers, and even bosses.

Other perks of pivoting into the tech-space or rebranding your current career to fit into this fast-paced new world of technology include the opportunity to work remotely from any part of the world.

It’s no gainsaying that technology is here to stay, wouldn’t you rather be a part of making history already?

At Tech Impact Club Africa, we are pleased to be part of the great work the Mums Who Code community is doing with the Digital Women Bootcamp 2021 where over 450 women, including about 200 Mums spread across 32 states in Nigeria and 11 countries within and outside Africa, are learning to code.

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